The #1 at-home low impact workout solution

The Scoop strengthens muscles without putting stress on knees.

Read what the experts are saying about lateral training!

“All of those mixed movements force the butt and thigh muscles to work harder…”

“It zeroes in on those hard to target leg and glute muscles…”

“Megan Fox got Sexy, Slim…They’re short, these work outs…she looks as good as she’s ever looked if not better.”

“The best new butt and thigh blaster on the market. Isolate and really work the legs, glutes…”

“A lot of the weaknesses we have are based on a lack of lateral movement…when you exercise in multiple planes, you see improvements in balance, mobility and function.”

  • Improve knee & hip health
  • Zero impact on joints
  • Shape the inner & outer thighs
  • Improve balance to prevent falls
  • Burn fat & calories
  • Tone your total lower body 360°
  • Shape the glutes
  • Get healthy at home

Lateral training: The #1 At-Home Workout, Now for Everyone

This patented technology recruits more muscles than traditional machines. It used to be found only in private gyms for pro athletes & top stars. Now it’s in YOUR living room.


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The Newest Way to Stay Fit at Home

Increase strength and mobility

The Scoop is zero impact. It’s lateral movement increases hip flexibility, activates your core and strengthens the muscles that support your hips and knees. This can help improve your balance, and increase strength and mobility while reducing risk of injury, perfect for those who want to stay fit and active as they age.

Get results faster

With The Scoop, you get all the benefits of lateral training without having to leave your chair! No expensive equipment or gym memberships - you can burn calories faster and easier at home. Because you’re working all of the muscles of your lower body at the same time, The Scoop can burn up to 500 calories in an hour!

Tone the muscles other machines ignore

Unlike traditional cardio machines which only work the body in one direction, lateral trainers work your body side to side AND front to back at the same time, recruiting more muscles, burning more fat and really shaping the glutes. Because The Scoop gives you a complete 360 degree lower body workout, you’ll tone even difficult areas like your inner and outer thighs. Bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals can’t do that.

Extremely affordable

Other lateral trainers cost upwards of $4,000 and take up a lot of space! The Scoop is the world’s ONLY affordable lateral trainer that fits anywhere - even under many desks. Multi-task and Scoop while you work!

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The Scoop $199.99 $299.99