"Now I can walk long distances, play with our dog, and my knee feels almost normal. I may never have that knee replacement!"

Build Stronger Knees and Hips with the #1 At-Home Fitness Solution


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Scoop® isn't just low impact - it is actually GOOD for your joints by strengthening the muscles that support healthy knees and hips.

Lateral training has been clinically proven to improve balance and lower your fall risk. Order today and see for yourself why Scoop® is the world's #1 at-home fitness solution!

Target More Muscles

Including the ones bikes and step machines ignore, like inner and outer thighs.

Reduces Pain

Thousands have found relief from chronic knee, hip & even lower back pain.

Lowers Fall Risk

Correcting strenght imbalances can improve balance. Feel more confident on your feet!

Lateral Movement Matters

There’s a reason your knees hurt after exercising. Treadmills, bikes and ellipticals work you in the same front-to-back plane of motion, focusing on the fronts and backs of your body and ignoring the sides. The repetitive strain and narrow focus of traditional machines can negatively impact joints, plus lead to strength imbalances that increase your fall risk.

Lateral training is non-impact and works front-to-back and side-to-side simultaneously, using more of your muscles, including some of your toughest areas like inner and outer thighs and glutes. And unlike other workouts, it targets and strengthens key muscles that support knees and hips, bringing quick pain relief to many. By adding Scoop®, you’ll build stronger knees and hips, plus get healthier, stronger- and even slimmer and more toned - without leaving your chair!

The Scoop and My Knee Pain

I have had bone-on-bone knee pain in my left pain for over two years and have had one cortisone injection so far to help me deal with it and hopefully delay knee replacement surgery.

I saw the Scoop online and after reading about it, I decided to give it a try to see if it would help my knee. It has been absolutely remarkable! Before I started using the Scoop, I was having trouble walking short distances, and playing with our beloved Sheltie in the yard was next to impossible. Now I can walk long distances and play with our dog, and my knee feels almost normal. I have barely any pain most days and none at all quite often. I’m not stiff when I get up in the morning or after sitting for a length of time.

I started out using the Scoop for 30 minutes three times a week. Now I use it 45 minutes almost every day. It has made an enormous positive difference in my life! I may never have that knee replacement!

"Great machine.The first time I actually enjoy something. It's easy to pedal and doesn't leave my very bad knee hurting the way a bike does."

Great Exercise Tool!

Works muscles 💪🏻 I’ve never actively engaged! Also works the mind a bit on order to get the coordination down and transition to moving in the opposite direction and develop a rhythm. The assembly was a tad less simple than I hoped for, but thankfully I did have some assistance. I like that I can move it around the home (took some trial and error before I found the ideal height of seat to use this comfortably).

As a 37 year old with dropfoot and some mobility issues, I am using it mainly to strengthen both my hips and knees. However, my Dad in his early 70’s with mid stage ALZ also seems to enjoy it as well. It’s both a good cognitive and physical exercise tool for him. Kind of at home physical/occupational therapy element.

Highly Recommended

I have chronic knee pain that, on some days, is so painful I can't walk. Even though my stationary bike is "low-impact", it is too painful for me to pedal up and down. The lateral movement of The Scoop provides a comfortable range of motion without causing stress, swelling or pain in my knees.

The Scoop is quiet enough to use while watching TV, and it doesn't disturb my spouse. It took me very little time to get used to the lateral movement. Keeping in mind that I am not well coordinated, my only suggestion is to somehow lock the pedals so they don't spin as I try to get my feet situated. However, once I get started, it is very easy and enjoyable to use and I feel like I'm getting a worthwhile exercise

Love it!

I had a total knee replacement in Sept. was schedule for the other knee in Dec. I knew how important it was to move and use my new knee. I also needed to strengthen my other knee in preparation for surgery. Then we got quarantined and I was not able to leave my home. My hard work in physical therapy was about to be destroyed!

I purchased my Scoop for that reason. Boy is it amazing. With the first use, I had found that my new knee was nowhere near as strong as I thought it was...the inside of my thighs seemed strong but the outter muscles? I couldn’t even make the pedal move when in the highest position! After just 2 uses I already feel the difference. So grateful to have this handy form of exercise to keep my knees moving!

Lateral Training In the News

"All of those mixed movements force the butt and thigh muscles to work harder..."

"The best new butt and thigh blaster on the market. Isolate and really work the legs, glutes..."

"It zeroes in on those hard to target leg and glute muscles..."

"Megan Fox got Sexy, Slim... They're short, these work outs... she looks as good as she's ever looked if not better."

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