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Recumbent Lateral Trainer

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America’s #1 at-home knee pain therapy!  Scoop® has helped tens of thousands of people to get real, lasting relief.  No pills, no shots, no endless PT visits, no kidding.   Using the same patented technology found in machines costing $2500 or more, Scoop® Lateral Trainers allow you to take control of your pain and reclaim your life in just minutes a day.  

  • Pedal away pain in minutes a day
  • Build stronger joints & tone the entire lower body 360
  • Clinically shown to reduce knee pain
  • Proven to improve balance to reduce risk of falls
  • Increase hip flexibility & mobility
  • Zero impact & safe for bone-0n-bone joints
  • Ideal for improved circulation
  • The same technology found in machines costing thousands
  • Used by those with arthritis, or before/after joint replacement surgeries
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