How To Use

Step 1: Put the Scoop on a smooth, level floor at a comfortable distance from the seat where you intend to work out. For most people, this is about 18 to 24 inches from a chair, bed or couch.

If you intend to Scoop under a desk, ensure that there is enough space for your knees as they move through the lateral motion.

Step 2: Secure your feet in the pedals by pulling the blue strap (inset photo) to make it easier to slip your feet under the black elastic strap. You’ll want to wear flat-soled shoes.

Step 3: To make the motion easier, turn the tension knob counter clockwise. To make the motion harder, turn the tension knob clockwise.

Step 4: Start your workout by pressing down more with one foot than the other in order to get the motion started.

Step 5: For best results, work out regularly (three to five times a week, for 20 - 45 minutes each workout). It is recommended that you consult your physician prior to beginning any new exercise regimen, and discontinue should you feel pain or extreme shortness of breath.


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