How to Use

What do I do if the Scoop pushes away from me when I work out?

Answer: The Scoop is designed to facilitate a circular motion with your feet. This is what engages the muscles you want to engage. Imagine your feet are drawing a circle, like following the hands around a clock. This is the correct motion, and if you Scoop this way, the machine will not push away from you. As soon as you start to push on the Scoop instead of making circles, you will see it push away from you. This is your cue that you need to focus on that crucial circular motion. For a demonstration, see this video.

Can I adjust the tension?

This is the #1 question we get! The answer is yes, but please note: adjustments to the resistance are designed to help you fine-tune your tempo best for you, but because you’ll work all your lower body muscles at once, you do not need heavy resistance.  In fact, a smooth, fluid motion--not resistance-- is the key to unlocking the benefits. For more about adjusting the tension, see the video for more information.

Why does the Scoop go in two directions?

Watch the video for an explanation.

What do I do if my floor is uneven or The Scoop rocks on the floor when I use it?

Adjust the end cap knobs on one or both legs by turning them clockwise until the Scoop no longer rocks. See the video for more.

How do I know how far to place the Scoop with respect to my seat?

Your positioning depends on your height and the difficulty of workout that you desire. Typically, it is about 2 feet from the chair, but positioning it closer will place your knees higher, forcing you to engage your core and making the workout more challenging. See the video for more.

Does the Scoop have a computer?

The Scoop has a computer that automatically keeps track of workout time, repetitions, strides per minute, and approximate calories burned. For more information, see the video.

How do I strap my feet in? What if my feet are too big for the pedals?

First, put your toes or the front of your foot onto the end of the pedal to steady it. Then pull on the blue tab to help lift the black elastic and slide your foot in. The pedals are designed to be much smaller than most people’s feet because the unit tilts and large pedals would scape the floor. As is the case with a bicycle pedal, the pedals do not need to be larger than your feet. There's a video in our FAQ's that shows you how its done:

What is the difference between the Scoop® Lateral Trainer and the TheraScoop™ Lateral Trainer?

While both products deliver the same pain-relieving, lower-body-strengthening results, Scoop® was designed for home physical therapy while TheraScoop™ features upgrades that allow it to work in a professional setting like a doctor’s office or physical therapy clinic, too. TheraScoop™ has a higher user weight limit (315 lbs), larger foot pedals, a carry handle, and a lower profile to fit under more desks.  TheraScoop™ also has 8 distinct resistance settings so it can be used for a tough cardio workout, for example, for an athlete recovering from injury. 

Why doesn’t the motion feel smooth? What do I do if the motion feels 'jerky'?

Using The Scoop is easy, but because most people have never tried lateral training before, they aren’t practiced at making the circular motion with their legs. Most people instinctively push down too hard on the pedals, as if they are on a stepper or a bicycle. Concentrate on making fluid, smooth circles with your feet and legs and soon the motion will feel smooth. For more, see the video.

How do I change the battery on the computer?

Answer: The Scoop computer takes an LR44 or 303/357 battery (a small disc-shaped battery, similar to a hearing aid battery). First, remove the computer by gently pulling it up from the Scoop housing. Use a fork, screwdriver or something similar to slide the old battery sideways out. Place the new battery in, with the + sign up. To see a demonstration, see this video.

Does it matter how high my chair or seat is?

The Scoop was designed to work for standard height seating, which is generally 18” off the ground. However, a variety of chair heights should work. You may find that lower height seating will require you to place the Scoop slightly farther away from you than standard.

How fast should I pedal?

The Scoop is designed to use muscles that other machines ignore. As such, the most important thing is to try for a smooth, fluid motion, making nice, careful circles with each foot. This matters much more than speed or even tension, and will ensure that you engage all of the muscles of your lower body 360 degrees.

How often should I switch directions?

The Scoop is designed to work the inner thighs and outer thighs at the same time, but the direction you go impacts how much each muscle group is targeted. Therefore, it is recommended that you alternate evenly during your workouts. Some people like to divide their workout in half, then switch directions. Others prefer to do one minute in one direction, then the next minute in the other. It is up to you. One exception: if you find one direction is much easier than the other, it will serve you to work MORE on the direction that is harder. For example, Scoop 12 minutes in the ‘harder’ direction and then 8 in the easier direction. This will help you to balance your body.

Why doesn’t it feel like there is a lot of resistance when I Scoop?

The Scoop is supposed to be an easy, fluid motion. It is not intended to feel like a strength-training exercise. Think of it more like swimming underwater than lifting weights. We recommend that users concentrate on a fluid, even motion, making circles with their legs and feet. This is what engages the muscles of the lower body.

General Questions

Do I need to assemble the Scoop?

The Scoop requires minimal assembly. It comes in a specially designed 'assembly-assisting' package with all necessary tools. It takes less than 15 minutes and can be assembled by a single person. Written instructions are included with The Scoop, and for a step-by-step instructional video click below.

Is the Scoop patented?

Yes. The scoop uses Helix Motion technology which is internationally patented until 2037.

How much does the Scoop weigh?

The Scoop weighs just under 20 pounds.

What is the weight limit for the Scoop?

The weight limit is 250 lbs.

What are the Scoop's dimensions?

The Scoop is 16 inches/40 cm tall, x 19 inches/48 cm wide wide x 18 inches/46 cm deep at its widest point.

Does the Scoop require assembly?

The Scoop does require some user assembly. It typically takes less than 15 minutes to assemble. There are only 5 parts to complete the assembly. All tools required are included with the Scoop as well as full assembly instructions.

What is the warranty and return policy for The Scoop?

The Scoop comes with a 1 year warranty. You can view it - here. We also have an option to upgrade to a 3 year warranty. That is available - here.  You may use Scoop® for up to 60 days* and if you don't love it you may return it for a refund.  The customer is responsible for return shipping.  Please contact service@scoopfit.com with questions.  *60 day at home trial only available for purchases made after February 25, 2022.

Do tax/duty apply to international purchases?

Yes, if you are out of the United States and Canada you may have to pay tax/duty. Customers are responsible for any additional customs fees or VAT.

Do you ship Scoop® to Alaska and Hawaii? 

Yes, it is currently $29.99 (previously $49.99) to ship to AK and HI.