Scoop® is powered by lateral training technology from Helix, a Massachusetts-based company with a 20+ year history of introducing pioneering wellness solutions. By using innovation and the latest technologies, we aim to create the world’s most effective therapeutic products.

Our company literally invented the category of ‘lateral trainers,’ and holds multiple international patents on the technology that allows therapeutic and cardio machines to move the body side-to-side. Our products are sold in more than 25 countries worldwide, and are used by physical therapists, chiropractors and orthopedists, and even elite professional sports teams like The New England Patriots, The Cleveland Cavaliers and the LA Lakers.

We believe in giving back to our community and are passionate about animals, supporting Massachusetts-based animal charity SAS for over 10 years.


Meet the Inventor

Lenny - Scoop Founder

Meet the inventor!  A competitive athlete and entrepreneur with an engineering background, Lenny invented the technology that allows users to train laterally using a sideways figure-8 motion. His goal was to develop therapies that could engage the entire lower body 360 degrees instead of simply focusing effort on the front and backs of the legs as with all other existing devices. The new lateral motion he developed activates more muscles, including those that are key to balance, and to providing support and stability to the knees and hips. Lenny spent over a decade designing, perfecting, and patenting the technology internationally before launching the Scoop® family of products.