Best Exercise Bike For Seniors That Strengthens Knees

Best Exercise Bike For Seniors That Strengthens Knees

Perhaps no other joint in our entire body has to endure as much wear as our knees. Burdened with carrying the brunt of our weight as well as being the primary source of our mobility makes them particularly vulnerable to damage as we grow older.

Knowing which is the best exercise bike for seniors is important if you suffer from degenerative or damaged knees and are looking for a way to strengthen them as well as to tone your entire lower body. The knees are complex joints and in order to properly address their needs, a superior workout solution is necessary.  You need a solution that safely builds these joints’ supportive muscles and connective tissue without any impact to further damage them.

You may be used to dealing with painful and inflamed knees and have endured some degree of joint discomfort for years, but the truth is that most people can help revitalize their knees with the right training. For many, it simply takes specific exercises that target the various muscles that our knees depend on, without putting any undue stress or strain on them in the process.

Unlike with traditional cardiovascular equipment (like treadmills, bikes, and steppers), with The Scoop, it’s possible to get a highly effective workout that strengthens your knees no matter what age you are, or what condition your knees are in. The Scoop’s patented lateral training technology enables you to positively impact your entire lower body even if your knees give you trouble. The Scoop was designed to accommodate anyone regardless of age, leg strength, or prior experience with exercising.

Benefits of Healthy Knee Joints

We all rely on our knees for consistent and comfortable mobility. When the integrity of our knees is compromised, quality of life diminishes. Simply getting up and walking to the other side of the house can be enough to create discomfort, and walking up a flight of stairs may become an arduous task.

Healthy knees are important because they give us our ability to be independent. Knee strength and flexibility is something every one of us should hold as a top priority, because as soon as our legs are compromised, not only do we lose our ability to move around as freely as we want, it becomes that much harder to keep after our health. Research has shown that mobility and physical activity is directly tied to longevity.

The knee joint itself is a relatively complex part of our body that requires numerous different muscles and tendons working in sync to operate correctly. Our knees are a special kind of hinge known as a synovial joint that allows the bones to both slide past one another as well as rotate around each other. All of the muscles involved in these movements must be properly strengthened otherwise the joint itself will be forced to absorb more wear than it was designed to take. 

One of the most important muscles to support knees is also one of the toughest to actually target. It is called the Glute Medius, and unless you are a speed skater or regularly perform specifically targeted exercises, you are likely not strengthening this muscle at all, even if you spend hours in the gym each day.   That can lead to knee pain which in turn can lead to avoiding physical activity-- a vicious cycle that can quickly erode your quality of life.

If we were all living more athletic lives, we would not have much trouble working out the Glute Medius, and indeed every muscle that supports our knees, but for most people, this is simply not the reality. Exercise machines that target these muscles haven’t even been made widely available to the public, that is until now.

The Scoop specifically addresses the crucial muscles that we don’t normally work, muscles like the Glute Medius, and the inner and outer thighs,  all of which are important for supporting the knee. By strengthening these muscle groups, you take pressure off of the joint and return some of its flexibility and power. This reduces inflammation and pain.

A Compact Exercise Bike That Actually Works

The Scoop is the best exercise bike for seniors because its non-impact design means anyone can begin using it immediately, no matter what their experience level is. The Scoop is compact and lightweight, not oversized and clunky like most exercise equipment, and can be used anywhere in your home.

The genius of The Scoop is in its specialized lateral motion, which targets muscles in the leg that other machines ignore, such as the Gluteus Medius. By utilizing the power of lateral training, The Scoop strengthens the muscles that the knee depends on for stability and full range of motion, without putting any pressure or strain on the knee itself. This is perfect for seniors who deal with painful inflammation and are looking for ways to improve their knee strength yet are unable to perform traditional exercise routines.


All of that is a thing of the past thanks to The Scoop. The best exercise bike for seniors is available to order right here, but if you have any questions regarding the ordering process or what this incredible exercise machine can do for you, we would love to hear from you. Reaching out to us is as simple as calling 844-GOSCOOP, for any of your questions or concerns.

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