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The #1 at-home therapy for arthritis, bursitis, injury, and surgery.    The #1 at-home therapy for arthritis, bursitis, injury, and surgery.

Lasting Relief

Scoop® Lateral Trainers are clinically shown to provide lasting pain relief. Using the same patented tech that PTs use after injury & surgery, Scoop targets the hip’s support system with no impact to the joints themselves. It also safely increases flexibility and mobility in the hip, while improving hip function over time.

Backed By Science

Scoop® Lateral Trainer has been extensively vetted in clinical studies at institutions like Northwestern University, The University of Tampa, and Highpoint University.

Pain Suffered By Millions

Hip pain is one of the most common chronic pains in the United States, impacting an estimated 20% of all adults over the age of 60. Hip pain can result in lowered quality of life, negatively impacting sleep, walking and common activities like taking stairs.

Supplements Don’t Work

Americans spend over a billion dollars each year on therapies that don’t provide relief. In fact, supplements like chondroitin have been shown to be no more effective than a placebo at reducing joint pain.

Clinically Proven Results

Ten years of clinical studies prove it: by targeting the hips’ support system, and by gently improving hip flexibility and mobility, Scoop® Lateral Trainer is able to gently yet effectively improve joint function and decrease hip pain.

“It’s been a miracle for me. My hip replacement was 3 years ago but in a month I have noticed even more improvement than PT did. I’m back bowling better, too.”

- Marge S. D.

“I love my Scoop®. I have bursitis in both hips and can actually sleep on my side after using it. No more injections!”

- Pat R.

“Wow. After just one week, I don’t hobble when I first get up to walk!”

- John S.

“Love my Scoop®! It only took 3 days before my hip pain was gone!”

-Rebecca P.

“My hips used to hurt so much that I’d waddle when I started walking after sitting. Now I have NO problems walking & the waddle is gone.”

-Latoya R.

Thousands Of
Success Stories

“I’m 45 years old and recently had a full hip replacement. Next month, I’m scheduled for a full knee replacement. I purchased the Scoop® to strengthen my hip and my knee before surgery.

It arrived in just 4 days. I started barely being able to do 5 minutes in each direction a day. I am now up to 30 minutes three times a day because I am really trying to strengthen before my knee surgery. I sit in front of the TV or computer. I love it!

My knee and hip are definitely stronger. I have to admit that right now if my surgery got cancelled, it wouldn’t be a big deal. Pre Scoop® I was lucky to walk 2500 steps a day. Now I’m averaging 5000. That’s only with 2 weeks usage!!!”

-Arden M., verified user

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