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The #1 at-home therapy for arthritis, injury, joint surgery, and runner’s knees.    The #1 at-home therapy for arthritis, injury, joint surgery, and runner’s knees.

Lasting Relief

Scoop® Lateral Trainers are clinically shown to provide lasting pain relief. Using the same patented tech that PTs use after injury & surgery, Scoop® targets the knees’ support system with no impact to the joints themselves.

Backed By Science

Scoop® Lateral Trainer has been extensively vetted in clinical studies at institutions like Northwestern University, The University of Tampa, and Highpoint University.

The Most Common Joint Pain

100 million Americans suffer chronic knee pain and for many, it can stop them from living an active life. Arthritis, injury, repetitive stress and just plain aging: knee pain has many common causes.

Supplements Don’t Work

Americans spend over a billion dollars each year on therapies that don’t provide relief. In fact, supplements like chondroitin have been shown to be no more effective than a placebo at reducing knee pain.

Clinically Proven Results

Ten years of clinical studies prove it: by targeting the knees’ support system, Scoop® Lateral Trainer is able to gently yet effectively improve mobility and joint function while decreasing knee pain.

"Best purchase I have made. It's given me more flexibility & strength in my knees. I am able to walk better & sleep better."

-Jason S.

"I've had knee pain for over 4 years so bad that I can't even bend my knee. One month after purchase, I can walk normally again."

-Jennifer B.

"I blew out my knee last summer...constant pain and could barely walk for months. With Scoop®, I saw significant improvement after 2 weeks. Now I'm walking, cycling, gardening...all without pain."

-Colleen C.

"It has exceeded expectations. I have a progressively worsening knee injury and I've seen results with my walking, moving and sleeping. Thrilled."

-Jill C.

Thousands Of Success Stories

“I have had bone-on-bone knee pain in my left pain for over two years. I saw the Scoop online and after reading about it, I decided to give it a try to see if it would help my knee. It has been absolutely remarkable!

“Before I started using the Scoop®, I was having trouble walking short distances, and playing with our beloved Sheltie in the yard was next to impossible. Now I can walk long distances and play with our dog, and my knee feels almost normal. I have barely any pain most days and none at all quite often. I’m not stiff when I get up in the morning or after sitting for a length of time.

“I started out using the Scoop® for 30 minutes three times a week. Now I use it 45 minutes almost every day. It has made an enormous positive difference in my life! I may never have that knee replacement!”

- Rachel W., verified purchaser

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