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Scoop® Stability Mat

Scoop® Stability Mat

Recumbent Lateral Trainer

Regular price $29.99
Regular price $29.99 Sale price $29.99
    • COLOR: Blue
    • Non-Slip PVC Construction
    • Fits Scoop perfectly
    • Not available to ship outside of the United States
    • Scoop Lateral Trainer sold separately.

Using your Scoop on a hardwood or a non-carpeted floor? Having issues with Scoop pushing away from you while you pedal? Our foldable exercise mat is here to help your Scoop stay put so the only thing you need to concentrate on is getting healthier and building stronger joints! Its non-slip PVC design is the gold standard for maintaining stability and grip. Plus, the mat is sized to work perfectly with your Scoop, unlike bulky yoga mats.

Scoop Stability Mats can fold in half making them just as portable as your Scoop. Wherever you and your Scoop go, the Scoop Stability Mat is the perfect companion!

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